Our Father is concerned about the division and rift between Churches and how the enemy is planning to destroy them by exposing the real enemy of the Church. Churches need to be warned about the divisions caused between members of different Churches. The Body of Christ in a sense is bleeding as a result of the civil divisions between many Christians. Great evil and death has taken place in the past when people of the same faith called out their fellow brothers and sisters heretics and demon worshipers and liars, with their own doctrines and teachings – systematized beliefs that have no biblical precedence.

We all have one God and Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior:

  • Why do we fight concerning doctrinal differences ?
  • Why do we fight on the basis of our own opinions ?
  • Why do our opinions matter ?

Our opinions don’t matter. At least from now, in these last days. It is time we derive our narrative completely from the Bible and check our lives independently.

The most effective way for the Devil to win his battle is to turn Christians against each other and inflict damage upon one and other. This has happened throughout history and is arising again in these last days.

I encourage all believers to pray and fight against this particular demon instead of mocking, criticizing and insulting fellow Christians because of their different doctrinal beliefs. The Lord God is the judge. He will reward/judge those who teach/pervert his commandments – each one according to their works.

Romans 2:6 – God will repay each person according to what they have done.

So God will pay those who pervert his laws and teachings. Don’t get excited and filled with pride and try to take the role of God condemning and fighting against your fellow brothers and sisters.

If a person really perverts a doctrine or teaching from the Bible then God will judge him. Don’t do things by yourself with pride and self righteous attitude ! The Accuser of the Brethren according to the Bible is Lucifer (Satan),but in these last days more and more Christians are accusing, criticizing, ridiculing and mocking their fellow Christians replacing themselves with the role of the Accuser.

Our Father is well aware of the difference of opinions among His children and about interpretation of the Scriptures. This is the advice Holy Spirit has given in this area:

First of all, if an interpretation of Scripture does not subtract from the truth that Jesus Christ was Our Father living in a human body on Planet Earth, that interpretation should be considered as a valid interpretation.

HOLY SPIRIT: Many of you Born Again Christians have felt that another Born Again Christian was in Biblical error and wrong if his or her Biblical interpretation did not agree with your personal interpretation. What Our Father is suggesting is that the words error or wrong is not appropriate. Error and wrong apply to the Biblical interpretations, which DENY OR SUBTRACT from the Biblical teaching about the Miracle Conception or Virgin Birth of Jesus, the Body Resurrection of Christ Your Lord, the Born Again Experience, the Blood Sacrifice of Christ Your Lord on the Cross, and that Our Father created only two sexes, male and female.

Born Again Christians are to be in harmony in those of these viewpoints. Those who deny or say that it is no longer necessary to believe the teachings of Virgin Birth or Miraculous Conception, the Body Resurrection of Jesus, and the Ascension of Christ, are in error or wrong. Born Again Christians are not to be in harmony with those of these teachings.

Another view point: The viewpoints of Pre-tribulation, Mid-tribulation and Post-tribulation do not deny or subtract from the teaching that Jesus Christ was Our Father living in a human body on Planet Earth. Thus, if a person is of Pre-tribulation viewpoint, and knows a person who is Mid-tribulation or Post-tribulation viewpoint, he or she should begin to not feel that the other person is in error or wrong. He or she should begin to try to be in spiritual harmony with that person even though their opinions differ in this area. The Body of Christ now on Planet Earth needs a new beginning in this area.

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