Christians are and should be the most peace loving people on earth. Christians are the only people who are not fighting human beings. Human beings are not our enemies. Let me make this clear according to our GOD. Unbelievers of Christianity have misunderstood Christians in many ways for the devil is causing hate between us and them to stop our approach to them and to create enmity. We do not have enemies of any human beings. We respect what you believe and practice. We force none to follow our religion. As we have been commissioned to preach the gospel which is the good news for every one, so we preach without force.

Christians believe that Satan and Demons (false gods) are the only enemies of God and Man. The real fights are being fought by Christians against the forces of Satan who is deceiving mankind and creating enmity between one another by robbing peace. Though God does not favor war but sometimes He uses war to restrict evil people. I don’t think any other religion teaches to preach as a direct command. But we will never attack anyone who preaches their own religion or tradition. We have never broken any religious places or forced anyone out of their temples or burnt anyone for practicing their religion. We respect Man’s free Will that is given by God. We can only preach God’s Word and we respect your free-will either to accept or reject.

We don’t force like others do by holding their necks and make them to say – “Say Jesus ki Jay.” Our God is not disrespectful to anyone. He is not a selfish god or a small god. He is the Creator and He never wants a forced relationship or forced love which is not love at all. By fear of life you can make anyone do anything, but that is not true acceptance or love. Once he is free he will make his own choice. If you put fear in your child and tell him to tell you everyday when you come home to say, “I love you daddy.” He may say without fail but you cannot be proud saying, “Look how much my son loves me.” Outwardly he may say that with fear of punishment, but inwardly he may curse you and hate you. Do you seek that kind of false relationship when inwardly you know that he doesn’t love you. Then you are living a false life and you are a liar. You are bringing in people to your fold who don’t want a relationship like that. These are false followers that you are bringing to your god or religion. Does God want a false relationship and false love.

When Jesus was on this earth He said, we are to love our enemies. He gave this command “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven” (Matthew 5:44-45). Jesus goes on to explain that loving those who love us is easy and even unbelievers can do that. But how many can love our enemies. Forgiveness requires true love. Forgiving others instead of persecuting and killing others requires Jesus in your heart without Whom you cannot forgive. Forgiveness is the quality of God and killing is the quality of Satan.

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