Christian faith is very different from all other religions of the world. No other religion has a Savior except Christian religion. All other religions are based on human efforts to get saved or go to heaven. Man becomes their own savior.

But how can a sinner become his own savior. Only someone without sin can pay the penalty of our sin. Since there was no one without sin, so God sent His own Son from heaven to take the place of the guilty man and die for our sins, for the wages of sin is death. Now God offers salvation as a free gift to anyone who believes in Jesus.

How to get to heaven? What are the ideas from the different religions? Every religion apart from Christianity believes in:

(1) Most believe that hard work and wisdom will make you united with God.

(2) Some believe salvation is a non-issue because the sin nature doesn’t exist.

(3) A few believe either the afterlife doesn’t exist or it’s too unknowable to consider.

(4) Some Christians hold that faith in God and/or Jesus and the accomplishment of various deeds, including baptism or door-to-door evangelism, will ensure the worshiper will go to heaven.

(5) Most atheists believe there is no heaven—no afterlife at all. Upon death, people simply cease to exist.

(6) Some believe that the good are sent to heaven and the bad are sent to hell for a period of time and then reincarnated.

(7) Some believe that Salvation (or moksha) is reached when the worshiper is freed from the cycle of reincarnation, and his spirit becomes one with god. One becomes free by ridding oneself of bad karma—the effect of evil action or evil intent. This can be done in three different ways: through selfless devotion to and service of a particular god, through understanding the nature of the universe, or by mastering the actions needed to fully appease the gods.

(8) Muslims believe salvation comes to those who obey Allah sufficiently that good deeds outweigh the bad. Muslims hope that repeating what Muhammad did and said will be enough to get to heaven, but they also recite extra prayers, fast, go on pilgrimages, and perform good works in hope of tipping the scales. Martyrdom in service to Allah is the only work guaranteed to send a worshiper to paradise.

Every other religion believes in buying heaven or salvation. What do we have that God does not have. Is God selling anything? No.


(1) Christianity is the ONLY RELIGION which teaches that salvation is a free gift of God through faith in Christ (Ephesians 2:8–9), and no amount of work or effort is necessary or possible to get to heaven.

(2) Christianity is the only religion that teaches man can do nothing to earn or pay his way into heaven. Man, a slave to the sin nature he was born with, must completely rely on the grace of God in applying Jesus Christ’s sacrifice to the sins of the believer.

(3) People are saved by faith in the death and resurrection of Christ. Upon death, the spirits of Christians go to heaven, while the spirits of unbelievers go to a temporary holding place called hell. At the final judgment, unbelievers are separated from God for eternity in the lake of fire (Hell).

(4) There is no second chance or second coming back to this physical earth. Once a person dies, he enters to one of the two eternal destinations – Heaven or Hell. If you miss heaven you will never miss hell. There is no third place. No one comes back as an animal or a tree or any being. Neither there is spirit (Bhatkti Aatma) that roam on this earth. There is no confusion in the spirit realm.

When a person does not have the life of God the escorts of Satan come and take him/her to hell and if a person has the life of God the escorts of God come to take him/her to heaven. THAT’S ALL. Once gone, you are gone forever. Even the Earth does not want you again, so it strips of everything that you said was yours while alive on Planet Earth!

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