We all know that Christ is the mystery of God and that the Church is the mystery of Christ. We all need to have a thorough understanding concerning Christ and the Church. Our Ministry must have two aspects: first, of Christ and, second, of the church. We must have a clear vision of Christ, and also a full revelation of the church. Christ Himself is the church for the Church is the Body of Christ. Once we receive the Life of Christ, this life must be manifested in and through the Body of Christ – the Church. Both are important, first Life and the Body to manifest that life. Many Christians don’t understand this and they have just made Christ as personal or individual.

They do not attend the church service or some have stopped going to the gathering to manifest Christ for the church is the manifestation of Christ. They have not seen that Christ is not merely for the believers individually but even more for the church corporately. The totality of Christ can be expressed in His Life and in His Body which is the Church. As a human being we need life and the body to express that life. They consider to be spiritual people; they hold the knowledge that Christ is mostly for Christians as individuals while caring little for the church. Our vision of Christ should be that Christ is for individual believers to enjoy in order to be built up in the church. Eventually, the Christ whom we experience becomes the reality and the content of the church.

Christ is not just for individual Christians but for the corporate Body. And the Christ we enjoy as Christians individually is entirely for the building up of the corporate Body. For this reason Christ is both the content of the church and the reality of the church. The church’s reality is simply Christ realized by many individual Christians in a corporate way. To match this reality, we need the church practice. If we stay at home and hold Christ as the reality, there will be no church. Even though we might hold the reality individually, we would be short of the practicality. Christians need to come together and to be built together; each one needs to come out of his little cell and into one big cell, under one roof, to practice the church life. Then we not only have the reality, but also the practicality of the church. These should be the two main points of our ministry. Christians, our whole life and our ministry should be for Christ and the church—not for Christ only, but for Christ and the church.

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