The couple in the picture with their baby girl has an amazing testimony for God’s glory.

The sister and brother were coming to church since many days however sister was going through a tough phase in life. She had 4-5 miscarriages during her pregnancy, earnestly they were expecting a new blessing in family but they were struggling to get it. Meanwhile, sister was going through lots of pressure from in-laws regarding this, facing shame for not being able to give a child.

They continued to come to Church, while sister was expecting again, in a meeting in church, when she heard Pastor Paul preaching about God’s goodness, she believed that this time she is not going to have miscarriage but she will deliver a healthy baby, it shall be a testimony for God’s glory! She went forward for prayer and Pastor Paul Silway prayed upon for her.

She testified this Sunday that just next day after she was prayed upon, she conceived and delivered a healthy baby girl! Since it was indeed a testimony, they named her ”Saakshi (testimony).”

All Glory to Jesus for He is the True Healer!

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