The Bible says in Luke 1:70 that “God speaks through his servants from the old…”

Even today our God speaks to the world through His servants. This is a testimony of our church sister who was blessed through the prophecy of Pastor Paul Silway and through his prayers.

1. This sister had decided to invest a lump sum amount in Bitcoin. The next day during our church service, suddenly our dear Pastor prophesied, You should not invest in Bitcoin, it’s going to crash.” He just spoke in one sentence as if personally for me. Obeying this prophecy she did not invest and the same week the rates fell and she did not have to bear the loss.

2. The second testimony is how God healed her when she saw in a dream that our Pastor prayed for her healing. She had met with an accident many years ago which caused a severe injury in her foot. Few years after this incident happened, the doctors told her that the infection is spreading in the entire leg, so we need to perform leg amputation. After hearing this bad news she started seeking the Lord for her healing and the Lord showed her a dream wherein our Pastor prayed for her healing.

After which her foot started getting healed and she could see new skin covering the foot. After a year or so, when she did all the tests again, the doctor said your wound is getting healed internally and you will be 200% healed and there is no need of leg amputation. All glory to our Lord and Healer Jesus Christ.

My dear friends, both these testimonies show the importance of a church and an under shepherd who is the Pastor of your local church. So keep going to your local churches where God ministers the Word of Grace to you through His servant.

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