In Apostle Paul we can see two sides of his heart. One was that Apostle Paul was full of inner joy and secondly he also had great burden for the lost. This is true Christian living. Some Christians thought that Christians cannot have sorrow because they read from the Bible that our sorrow is turned into joy and they start quoting to everyone. This is studying the bible without taking other scriptures into considerations. That is why we need Holy Spirit to guide us to the proper scriptures to be added to our topic. You cannot take an isolated verse and teach scriptures or make a topic.

Christians also do not know how to balance the scriptures. Holy Spirit gave me a message on Good Humor and bad humor, Godly sorrow and worldly sorrow. Every Christian must know this. Apostle Paul had a Godly sorrow so much so that he was willing to go to hell for their sake IF it was possible but he knew and we all know that it is not possible. But Holy Spirit inspired him to show his heart so that we may know that with such a burden he prayed. Just being emotional for the lost is different than having a burden and praying with that burden. He didn’t pray that he may go to hell as some teach but he prayed with a burden of being lost.

Christians are the ones who really love the lost or should love the lost. This should be the heart of true Christian. Holy Spirit had apostle Paul show what is a Christian. Let me show you whom he loved and prayed for and for whom he was willing to supper in hell if it was possible:

Acts 23:12 – And when it was day, certain of the Jews banded together, and bound themselves under a curse, saying that they would neither eat nor drink till they had killed Paul.

Well how would you feel about a group of people that had basically taken an oath not to eat until you were dead? There were some Jews who did, they took an oath that they would not eat until Paul was dead. Would you not want at least to never have anything to do with them again? Paul wants to spend eternity in Heaven with them, he wants to live with them forever in Heaven. That’s a supernatural attitude. This kind of genuine compassion for the lost is a rare thing? It’s a supernatural work of God in your heart, and in… Something that God had worked in Paul.

Emotions alone doesn’t accomplish anything. To just feel feelings doesn’t mean anything. Paul’s tears in his anguish cannot save a single soul. It’s not enough for Paul merely to be in intense anguish over the spiritual state of the Jews. It had to flow out into some fruit, some action, and it did. Instead of harboring bitter, revengeful thoughts, in which he’d like their destruction. Rather, he wants to spend eternity with them. He wants to see them transformed and saved. It’s a heart desire first, and then flowing from that comes prevailing, fervent prayer for the Jews, brothers, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for the Israelites is that they may be saved.

Never let anyone tell you for a moment that we are not commanded to pray for the lost. Romans 10:1 refutes that forever, we are to pray for lost people, we are to pray for lost relatives, pray for lost co-workers, to pray for lost people around us, even if we don’t know their name.

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