This sister has had the healing power of Jesus Christ testified through a member in her family. The testimony titled “Lumps Doubtful of Cancer Tumors Disappeared after Prayer” gives a short account of how God worked in her younger sister’s life. This time it is about her own experience with Jesus Christ as a Healer. She had a hard, reddish growth in her breasts, which a doctor said needs to be removed through operation. However, she approached Sister Jean Silway instead of Pastor Paul Silway as it was embarrassing for her to share her problem with a male person. Nevertheless, there have been testimonies before where God has worked through his children as well – Brother Kenneth Silway and Sister Shekinah Silway.

After Sister Jean Silway prayed for the suffering sister, God did a miracle – the lump matured and got burst. There was septic formed in the lump but it all drained away. The doctor was shocked to see no growth. He said you don’t need any medication neither to be operated. Praise the Lord.

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