Have you ever rode in a car or drove a car going faster than the posted speed limit?

ME: Yes, I must have a few times but most of the time I have made it a point to maintain the speed limit, and I do not plan going faster than that, since I learned that our angels are law abiding beings and follow the laws.

HOLY SPIRIT: Yes, you are right. Angels are law abiding beings and follow the laws, and if you speed, they will not keep up with you.

An interesting observation of a Man of God

During the day, we made a trip to a city. We were going by the speed limit on a highway and most of the cars were passing us, meaning they were going faster than the speed limit. I made an interesting observation.

  • On some of the cars, I saw one or more demons dancing.
  • On the other cars passing us, I did not see either angels or demons.

We were playing some gospel music on our car tape player and I noticed that our Guardian Angels were also enjoying the music. When we exited from the highway, I saw about twenty angels make a circle and give us a salute.

HOLY SPIRIT: These were cars of Born Again Christians who were traveling faster than the speed limit and consequently their angels had dropped behind them. When they heard the gospel music coming from this Man of God’s car, they flew along with their angels and enjoyed the music and the fellowship. If there would have been any driving problems for them they would have assisted their angels. They will eventually catch up to the people to whom they are assigned.

An Incident of a Man of God

I had driven the family car to the neighboring city and was returning home after the test. I was traveling on a two lane state highway and the road was hilly with several curves. I had just adjusted my speed for a small town and as I came over the top of a small hill and curve, I saw I was in trouble. About one hundred feet in front of me was a delivery truck parked in my lane of the road. To the right of the truck was a gasoline station with a car being filled with gasoline. To my left was an interstate bus parked at the edge of the road loading and unloading passengers.

Coming towards me in the other lane of the road was a car that was about to pass between the parked bus and truck. Before I could think of a plan, I realized that I had turned the front wheels of the car to the extreme right, and as a result I was skidding and broad sided the back of the truck as I came to a sudden stop. The damage to the car was on the passenger side. When our family car stopped, I realized that I was not injured. When I got out of the car I noticed that a lead pencil I had used for the test was broken in my pocket. The family car was heavily damaged, but no one was injured.

HOLY SPIRIT: This is an example I stated that Angels are law abiding citizens, and as they travel with you, if you exceed the speed limit, they do not keep up with you. Since they had slowed their car to the posted speed limit, the Angels remained with them and the Angels were able to turn their steering wheel.

ME: There are many times over my years of driving that I find myself pushing on the break pedal to suddenly stop the car before I realize that I should be stopping the car. Have your angels been having my foot start to push on the break pedal before I realized what I was doing?

HOLY SPIRIT: Yes, there are many things that your angels can do for you to overcome Satan in your life. In this example, obeying the speed laws is actually part of keeping the Laws of God. Thus, because you were keeping the Laws of God, your angels were able to help overcome what Satan was trying to do. Satan was trying to destroy you so that you could not do your ministry. One of the ways that you Born Again Christians can overcome Satan is to obey God’s Word. This will give your angels opportunities to overcome Satan for you in some dangerous situations.

Bible Study

Psalm 91:11 – For He shall give His angels charge over You, to keep You in all Your ways.

HOLY SPIRIT: According to the first verse of this Psalm, this blessing is for one who is living under the SHADOW OF THE ALMIGHTY. For the present Church Age, this means a Born Again Christian who is living their life according to the ways of Our Father. This also means that such a person is keeping their life in the place where angels can minister to them. The expression IN ALL YOUR WAYS refers to experiences that are dangerous and those not dangerous. In other words, Angels will minister to a person in all of their experiences of life.

I hope you who are reading this message will become a cautious driver!

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