(1) The Bible reveals that God is the Self-existing and Ever-existing God—the Eternal Great I Am. This means that this faithful, mighty One is the One who is. In the universe, only He is, and all the rest are not.

(2) The phrase “to be” equals “to exist.” He exists; hence, He is. If He did not exist, He would not be. God is without beginning or ending. “He who is self-existing and ever-existing.” To be self-existent is to be without beginning, and to be ever-existing is to be without ending. His being, His existence, is without beginning and without ending. This Creator is self-existing and ever-existing.

(3) The Bible says in Revelation 4:11 – Thou art worthy, O Lard, to receive glory and honor and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.

(4) He created ALL THINGS seen and unseen for His pleasure. We did not tell Him to create us or the world around us. Yet men say – This is mine, that is mine. This is my nation, that is my nation.

(5) We did not come by our own self. We did not decide to come. We did not decide in which family to come. We did not decide whether we are going to be man or woman, fair or black. We did not decide which nation or language. All was given to us by the Almighty God.

(6) That is why when we die we take nothing back. All that we see and don’t see is loaned to us by God. It is His, and will always remain His forever. You may have worked hard, but the life to work is come from Him, the ability to work came from Him. It is His grace that you didn’t die while working so you could establish some great business. But whatever you build on this earth, you will have to leave it forever one day.

(7) You don’t even take your own body, family, health, wealth, name, position or awards. All this will remain. Why? Because it belongs to God – But you will not be there to enjoy and others will enjoy your achievements for their own benefit by taking your name and talking about you.

(8) So never say, it’s mine. Don’t ever say, don’t stay in this nation, it’s mine. Don’t kill some human being by pushing him out of the world because you wanted to stay. Remember one day, death will also push you out of this world forever as you pushed another.

(9) A killer or murderer of human beings will never go to Heaven which is life, but hell which is death. If you have blood in your hands, which means death and hell is a place of death not life and you will go to hell forever.

(10) Don’t boast of tomorrow for you do not know what tomorrow will bring. Live with the fear of the Lord, for it is by His life that we live, not your money power or position power. If you live by these external powers you will have pride which God does not like. We look at Jesus that though being God became so humble that He put on flesh to deliver us from sin and it’s consequences, that we may live with Him forever in Heaven.

(11) Some are living long though they have done wickedness in the world and they think that God is not watching them, but the truth is that God is giving that evil man time to repent, because once the wicked person dies in wickedness, he will be in the torments of hell forever. So do not boast of long life, unless you are saved.

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