Psalms 86:15 – But You, O God, are God full of pity, and gracious, long-suffering, and rich in mercy and truth.

Isaiah 53:12 – … and made intercession for transgressors.

Luke 23:34 – Then Jesus said, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do …

ME: Read the message titled: The Compassion of Our Father.

HOLY SPIRIT: You all need to learn and know about the importance of compassion among angels, among you human beings, and among the saints and angels in Heaven. Let us now study these verses:

Holy Spirit wants to speak to us briefly about Psalm 86:15 which states that Our Father is full of compassion. This means not only that Our Father has a great quality of compassion, but also the quality of compassion is an eternal quality in Our Father.

Holy Spirit also pointed out that when Our Father created Man and placed Man in the Garden of Eden, that since He created Man in His own image, that Man also had a quality of compassion within him. After Man sinned the presence of sin in Man hindered the quality of compassion. Holy Spirit stated that one of the keys of understanding compassion is for us Born Again Christians to learn how to activate the quality of compassion that is within us.

To teach us born again Christians how the quality of compassion can be activated, Holy Spirit will refer to some life examples which even Christians can relate to.

HOLY SPIRIT: Your wife and you many times receive letters in the mail asking you to make some contribution of money to many different charitable groups. As there are so many of these letters that you receive that you cannot give money to all of them. How do you decide whether your wife and you should send some money in response to one of the letters?

ME: First of all, I need to say that we make most of these type of choices not based upon these type of letters, but we respond to such an alerter, this is based upon one factor. If when my wife and I each read such a letter, if either one of us feels or senses a strong urge to do something about the request, then we send some money. I also need to note that the feeling is not ONE OF GUILT, but a positive feeling that we should do something. This can be applied in any case where you want to help someone.

HOLY SPIRIT: When such a feeling comes within you, that is one of those times that the quality of compassion within you is released and you are ready for actions. Basically, there is one understanding of your relationship with Our Father that permits Me (HS) to release the quality of compassion that is within you because you were created in the image of Our Father. This teaching begins with our second text verse (see Isaiah 53:12) for this report where it is prophesied that when Christ Your Lord was on the cross that He would pray for transgressors. Please pay close attention now as what I (HS) am going to say is very important in understanding how the quality of compassion within you can be released by Me (HS).

The word TRANSGRESSORS mean more than the Roman soldiers, the Hebrew leaders, Pilate, and Herod. The idea of human beings being transgressors started with First Man, Adam in the Garden of Eden. When First Man Adam disobeyed Our Father in the Garden of Eden, at that time Satan placed a quality of sin within the spirit being of First Man Adam. He became the first human transgressor. Even though First Woman Eve was also a transgressor, the quality of sin that Satan placed in First Man Adam passed to his children. First Man Adam started the process where the quality of sin has and continues to pass from every father to every one of his children. This means that every human being that is conceived in his or her mother’s womb is a transgressor.

Transgressors are innocent of sin until they come to the Age of Choosing, and then are forgiven transgressors when they become Born Again Christians. I (HS) inspired Prophet Isaiah to prophecy that while Christ Your Lord was on the cross dying for the sins of all human beings, that He would pray for all the transgressors.

Our third text verse that includes the familiar words of Christ Your Lord prayed while on the cross, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do (see Luke 23:34).” Since this prayer of Christ Your Lord was the fulfillment of the prophecy of Isaiah 53:12, this means that Christ Your Lord prayed for more than the Roman soldiers, the Hebrew leaders, Pilate, and Herod. While on the cross He prayed for all transgressors. This includes all human beings who have lived on Planet Earth, all human beings who are now living on Planet Earth, and all human beings who will live on Planet Earth. These are all transgressors and Christ Your Lord prayed for each and every one of them while on the cross.

The best way for you to understand the meaning of what I (HS) am saying is for Me (HS) to apply this teaching to you. As a Born Again Christian you are a transgressor (sinner) who has been saved by Our Father’s Grace, but you still come under the category of a transgressor. This means that Christ Our Lord prayed for you as a transgressor when He prayed on the cross. Let me ask you – What prayer did Christ Your Lord pray for you and all transgressors while on the cross?

ME: If I make this personal the thought is something like this. Christ Our Lord prayed that Our Father would forgive me for helping put Him to death.

HOLY SPIRIT: Realizing that your sin as a transgressor was involved in the cause that put Christ Your Lord to death on the cross, is the quality in your faith that permits Me (HS) to release the quality of compassion that Our Father placed in you when He created you in His image.

CONCLUSION: I know many Christians give out of guilt which is not the proper way to be led to give. I also know some ministers preach in such a way that makes the hearers/audience feel guilty if they don’t give which is the way we need to respond.

Anyone could be manipulated to give, but you don’t get return blessings in these kinds of giving. First, you need to give based on the Word of God. Secondly, give as Holy Spirit leads you and He will never make you feel guilty for not giving. I know there are Christians who tell others not to give, because they themselves never give or support their churches. This is wrong. Your giving is not based on what other’s think or say, it’s based on the Word of God. One thought which I always carry in my mind is this – If I give God more than I thought to give, I would always think that it’s a privilege and honor to give God knowing that we can give nothing to God, that we have not first received from Him. Secondly, God is not a debtor to any man. He has always given us more than we have given Him. YOU CAN NEVER OUTGIVE GOD!

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