(1) Those who take everyone together will be blessed by God. For God created everyone.

(2) No more divisive politics. No more hate politics. No more violence politics. No more killing politics. No more murder politics. No more persecution politics.

(3) We all have short life and all our life is spent on instigating, hate and violence which leads to persecution, violence and killing. Who wants to follow some of the politicians as role models? They are no more examples of positive life, but a negative life.

(4) There is the image of God which is love and there is the image of Satan which is hate. By your fruits you are known. The common people are all suffering as every five year term goes by and people’s expectation remains as it is without any improvement.

(5) Much of the politics is played on religion card. The leader’s have no right to speak on religion as India is a secular nation and it will remain forever. Thanks to Dr. Ambedkar’s vision of a secular Constitution which silences anyone to twist his utterances to serve their interests.

(6) Dr. Ambedkar’s vision of making India was not just political, but also social democracy, based on the edifice of liberty, equality, justice and fraternity, his urge to end centuries of oppression and ill-treatment meted out to the depressed classes could only materialize in the context of a secular state where pursuit of knowledge, cultivation of excellence of mind and inculcation of fellow feeling towards members of other communities would get priority.

(7) Let us remember that life is short and temporary and I think that is good, otherwise if an evil man comes to power, he will continue doing evil things as there is nothing that can cut him off his evil deeds. Even now, though man knows that his life is short yet wants to persecute, harass and murder people who are created in the image of God. What would happen if man had no death? So death is a blessing in disguise so that everything is for a short-time. You may be a President, PM or in any status, but ALL is going to end one day. Compared to eternity this life is like a speck of sand on billions of Planets.

(8) Today, hate, persecution, murder is become the norm without any fear of God. What is the reason for this? It’s because slowly the devil transferred the quality of Satan to the quality of God. He has managed to put the image, nature and character of Satan into God. Now God is become evil – a killer, stealer and destroyer. So people have started imitating him. But the Bible says that God is light and in Him is no darkness AT ALL.

(9) Today, on every platform, evil and violence is preached and portrayed and people are being trained to hate, which results in persecution and murder. What an environment the leader’s are building for the future generation? Today good people are killed and evil people are reigning. It’s become a fashion to look violent. So many leader’s and politicians have taken the look of a violent man, a man to be feared.

(10) It’s become a fashion even among youth. Many platforms are to be blamed – film media, internet media, songs media, dance media etc. There is some or the evil, negativeness, violence portrayed which is teaching and showing people to change from good to bad. No child is born evil, but they learn evil as they grow in the environment of hate, created by these leader’s whether they be politicians, artists, or religious leader’s. When hate and violence is added to religion no one can stop it. I thought religion makes one holy, pure and righteous; I thought that the god you associate with will make you like him. If what we see is violence hate and murder then is God the instigator of evil. We know even the earthly law condemns a murderer. Then what about God who made the laws for heaven and earth.

(11) IF associating with a certain god or practicing a certain RELIGION IS MAKING YOU BAD, VIOLENT, A KILLER, A STEALER, A DESTROYER, A DRUGGIST, A HATER – Then stop associating with the one who is leading you astray. If keeping company with God can make you a bad person that means God is bad. Then stop associating with him. Or else find out the TRUE and LIVING GOD and associate with Him. It is said – Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.” (1 Cor 15:33). There are two God’s – The True and Living God of Love and the False god of Hate.

(12) Whom you serve or worship you will become like the One whom you worship. You don’t need rocket science to know this. By your fruits you are known. If you are a hater, killer, destroyer – you are worshiping a false god.

(13) The one’s who have taught hate, violence and murder have left for eternity. Where are they? Where are the strong, the mighty, the boasters, evil doers, the proud, inventors of evil things, unmerciful : Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them? They have all fallen into the grave never to come back. Everything on earth is the same that God created only defiled by man’s evil living. But they cannot come back again forever.

(14) Let us learn to love every human being and live in harmony for a short period of time. Do not commit suicide; it is you yourself removing yourself from this temporary world forever. One of the greatest sin according to heaven is murder for you are eliminating someone who has been given the right to live by God. Everyone living on earth has been given life and right by God to live and finish their course on this temporary planet earth. Who are you to eliminate life.

(15) You have no right to push anyone out of this earth before his time runs out. Remember there is no place in heaven for a murderer of human beings. You may laugh now but no earthly person will stand for you because everyone will be judged by God on the same platform. Your money, name or fame will not give you a higher platform before God. Because everything that you did was for earthly purpose not heavenly. You need to live your life focused on heaven then you can live rightly without selfish motives.

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