(1) Any religion that promotes hate is from the devil not from God.

(2) Love is from God and hate is from the devil.

(3) There are two God’s. One is The True and Living God and the second is The false god named Satan. Some people think that there are three 1) True God 2) False God 3) Satan. No. Satan is the False god of hate.

(4) Hate brings in persecution, violence and murder. Persecution violence and murder require hate quality without which there can’t be murder.

(5) Satan who is the murderer from the beginning is full of hate and anyone who has hate quality can be influenced by Satan to commit acts of persecution, violence and murder.

(6) By the fruits in human beings you can clearly know whom you serve – either the god of hate which result in sin persecution, violence and murder or the God of love by which proceeds forgiveness and life

(7) Persecution is never from the true and living God because persecution REQUIRES HATE which is the quality of Satan. Jesus never tells Christians to hate people from other religions neither to persecute or murder others . It never tells Christians to burn temples or Mosques.

(8) Murderers and killers even in the name of God will go to hell when they die, unless they repent and are transformed. This is what the Holy Bible says. Why? You need to understand who the true God is and who Satan the false god is and their nature. Satan the false god has a quality of hate, and the true God has a quality of love.

(9) Look at Jesus – When people did their worst. They mocked him, spat on Him, whipped Him, put the nails in His hands and feet and put the crown of thorns on His head, pierced a spear in His side and killed Him.

(10) Yet, when He looked at the people from the cross, He forgave them. Why? Because He loved them. Forgiveness requires love. Jesus is the ONLY TRUE REPRESENTATION OF GOD. Jesus did not pray for God’s judgement, but that God may spare them. Why? For He said I am taking the judgment of their sin on myself, so please spare them. This is the heart of God.

(11) This is the eternal quality of God. Remember, Jesus loves ALL mankind, not just Christians. He never tells Christians to kill those who do not believe in Jesus. He is the Savior of the world. But the good part of God is that He never FORCES anyone to believe. He just tells Christians to share the good news of salvation and Heaven, if ANYONE believes I (Jesus) will come into their heart. Jesus in your heart means that you have Heaven life.

(12) Heaven is a place of good and Hell is a place of bad. Who wants to go to Heaven if all the murderers, haters, terrorists are going there. Can you imagine how will Heaven be and become. Who wants to stay in that kind of environment.

(13) No, my dear friends, Heaven is a place of good and murderers, haters, persecutors, killers and terrorists will not be found there. In fact darkness people will never like to stay in the place of light and the Light people will never like to stay in darkness. That is why there is an eternal separation.

(14) GOD IS A GREAT SEPARATOR: God never mixes evil with good. That is what Satan does to confuse people. God and Satan never mix, Good and bad don’t mix, Heaven and Hell don’t mix, darkness and light don’t mix. So separate yourself from darkness or else you will be separated for ever.

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