1 John 4:1 – Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God; because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

Matthew 12:31 – Wherefore I say unto you all manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men; but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.

HOLY SPIRIT: One thing that I have observed about you is that you do not seem to mind how many questions people ask you. Recently, someone again asked you if there is any Scriptural basis for your information/teaching. Were you offended by the question?

ME: Even though I have been asked this question many times, I am not offended when someone again asks the question.

HOLY SPIRIT: Do you ever feel persecuted when you are asked all these questions?

ME: No, I do not. On the one hand, I know that some of the ideas that You (Holy Spirit) has me present in these reports are new to many Born Again Christians, and on the other hand, I know that most Born Again Christians who ask the questions are honestly searching for the truth of Our Father.

HOLY SPIRIT: Who wrote the words of our first text verse, and who did he have in mind when he wrote the words?

ME: You (HS) inspired Apostle John to write these words. The word BELOVED refers to other Born Again Christians. Since the Word of Our Father is eternal in nature, this means that these words are also for Born Again Christians today.

HOLY SPIRIT: What is the concern of Apostle John in our first text verse?

ME: The topic of his writing at this point is about Born Again Christians recognizing false teachers and prophets. Holy Spirit, it is very interesting to me that You (HS) did not inspire Apostle John to print a list of false teachers and prophets of that time, but You (HS) had him state a guideline for all Born Again Christians to follow as individually each one determines who are false teachers and prophets.

HOLY SPIRIT: The word spirits is about examining what type of spirit being or spirit quality is influencing one who claims to be a True Prophet of Our Father. There are three types of spirit beings to be discerned, who are:

  • Our Father/Christ Your Lord/Holy Spirit,
  • Satan, demons, and the spirit of Antichrist already present on Planet Earth, and
  • The self or human spirit

What meaning did you find when I (HS) had you study the word test!

ME: The meaning of the word test is about examining the real inner quality or character of a person, in this case, a Born Again Christian claiming to be a True Prophet of Our Father. The root meaning goes to the idea of testing a piece of metal to see if it is the type of metal it is supposed to be. The guideline is about a Born Again Christian, who is under the ministry of one claiming to be a True Prophet of Our Father, being able to discern whether You (HS), or Satan’s spirit, or self-human spirit is influencing the one claiming to be a True Prophet of Our Father.

HOLY SPIRIT: Born Again Christians who are professing to be True Prophets of Our Father should not be offended when these tests take place by those who hear their teachings. These tests are not persecution. Yet there is a concern in this matter. A True Prophet or Prophetess of Our Father should include the following in his or her daily schedule:

  • At least one hour of daily prayer, worship, and Bible study time
  • Attending public worship services with a group of Born Again Christians on a regular basis, and
  • Live a holy life according to the standards stated in the Bible.

If someone says that such a True Prophet or Prophetess of Our Father is communicating with Satan and demons, or is following one’s self-human spirit, that is persecution. This is why our second text verse is part of this communication.

In our second text verse I (HS) inspired Apostle Matthew to write that all forms of blasphemy can be forgiven, except for one. The type of blasphemy that cannot be forgiven is referred to as blasphemy against the Holy Ghost, and the meaning is stated in Matthew 12:24. The example is that of the Pharisees saying that the miracles of Jesus were done through the power of Satan rather than Our Father.

When a person states that something that Our Father does was done by Satan rather than Our Father, this is the type of blasphemy that Our Father does not forgive. There is actually a spiritual journey involved in which one goes in the wrong direction. This type of journey begins with a few times of believing and stating that something Our Father had done, actually had been done by Satan. If a person continues to go in that direction, more and more Satan will control the person’s life, and there will be a point when the person loses all desire to turn to Our Father, and thus the blasphemy will become an unpardonable sin.

PERSONAL COMMENTS: At this point Holy Spirit led me through a very important time of personal evaluation. If I say I am hearing Holy Spirit and if I am not hearing Holy Spirit, I place myself in a dangerous spiritual situation. If I say I am hearing Holy Spirit, if I am not hearing Holy Spirit then I am saying that either my self-human spirit is having me imagine I am hearing Holy Spirit or Satan is deceiving me into thinking I am hearing Holy Spirit.

I also know that in my case if my self-human spirit was speaking and I was saying that Holy Spirit is speaking, then Satan would have influenced me. At this point I began to realize that if I said I hear Holy Spirit and do not, I would be lying and saying that Our Father was doing something that actually Satan was doing. I now understand that this would begin a journey of blasphemy for me, and therefore, I am not going to say I hear Holy Spirit unless I am sure Our Father is enabling me to hear Holy Spirit.

After Holy Spirit led me through this evaluation, He (HS) stated the following.

HOLY SPIRIT: Not only do you have the possibility of blasphemy to consider if you say you hear Holy Spirit and you do not hear Holy Spirit, but also, if you do hear Holy Spirit , those who say you are communicating with Satan and demons have the possibility of blasphemy to consider. If you are hearing Holy Spirit and speaking for Holy Spirit, those who say you are communicating with Satan and demons are saying that what Holy Spirit says through you is actually from Satan, and this would be blasphemy. This is very important to understand. If you say that you are hearing Holy Spirit when you are not hearing Holy Spirit, this would be blasphemy. If some say you are communicating with Satan and demons and you do hear Holy Spirit speaking that would not only be persecution it would also be blasphemy.

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